Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trips Trips Trips!

We started planning our Spring Break trip tonight! 10 of us in a house in Lagos, Portugal for a week!! There are no words for how excited I am!!! We have one house that we really want, so hopefully tomorrow we can call and book it! Once we find out what house we actually have I'll make sure to post a picture of it. All of them are absolutely gorgeous, and splitting it ten ways ends up making it fairly inexpensive.

We also just booked a flight and hostel to Munich, Germany for April. We're going the weekend of Springfest, and as of now there are about 18 of us going (mostly the same people who were in Edinburgh), so it's pretty much a guaranteed amazing time. Springfest is apparently considered to be a smaller version of Oktoberfest, so we tried to book everything as early as possible to save money and make sure we had a hostel. It will be one of our last weekends in Europe so I'm sure we're all going to have an ridiculous time!

We're headed to Paris on Friday, so expect a post with lots of pictures coming very soon!

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