Monday, March 26, 2012


Sorry, it's been forever since I've posted something! But here is my trip to Barcelona!!! By far my favorite city that I have visited thus far. I went with Gracie, Ben, Bo and Joe. It was an easy group to travel with which made it that much better. We landed in Barcelona early on Thursday morning and headed to our hostel. The metro system was easy to figure out and cheap so that was nice! We made a brief stop in our hostel, which was extremely nice, and then went to wander around. The first place we visited was La Sagrada Familia, one of Gaudi's buildings. The architecture is like nothing I've ever seen, both inside and out, just absolutely incredible. We took the lift up to the top and got gorgeous views of the city and ocean. 

La Sagrada Familia
Inside the Cathedral
The view of the city from the top of La Sagrada Familia

From there we ate some gelato (typical) and then continued to walk around, our goal being to get to the ocean. We walked by the Arc de Triomf and around that area in general, which is beautiful, and eventually made our way to the beach. The five of us just hung out there for a while and then grabbed a cab home (cabs are beyond cheap, in comparison to London at least). That night we grabbed dinner at a random, but really good restaurant. I'm sure for Barcelona it wasn't on the cheapest end of the spectrum, but for us and being in London, it was a steal! Later that night we headed to a club called Opium that I had been told about by a few people. By far the coolest club I've ever seen, right on the beach and just completely crazy. It couldn't even compare to where we go in London! It was a late night and consequently a bit of a late morning, but completely worth it.
Arc de Triomf, right by our hostel
Our walk to the beach
BEACH! Preparing us for Portugal

The next day we walked around Las Ramblas, then ate lunch in the Old Town area. We then went to Parque Guell, another one of Gaudi's works. From there, we took the metro to Montijuic and got to take a cable car up to some sort of military fort (not really sure what it was?), and then got a good view of the port, which we hadn't seen while being there. We explored around there for a while, then headed home and got ready for dinner. We had dinner at a place that my friend Sam from home had suggested, La Luna, and it was soooo great! We stayed for over three hours and just hung out, ate and drank. Overall, it was a great weekend. The city is gorgeous, the people were cool and there was so much to do! It's the first city that I could have seen myself studying in other than London, and I would definitely love to go back some time!
In Parque Guell
Me looking at the city from Parque Guell (photo credits given to Gracie Gerlach)
Joe, Bo and me on the cable car ride up to Montijuic
Overlooking the Port from Montijuic

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