Monday, March 26, 2012

Mina and Kelly Come to London!!

I was so lucky this week to have my friends Mina and Kelly come to visit me!! Both are studying in Italy (Mina is in Florence and Kelly is in Siena), and each stopped by for a few days. Their paths didn't cross, so they didn't get to see each other, but I got to see both of them so I was lovin life! Mina came with Allie, an Alpha Phi at Virginia Tech, and a friend they met through their program, Josephine. I met up with them and walked around Buckingham Palace and Westminster, and then we went to a good Indian Restaurant. The next day I got to meet up with Mins, just the two of us, and catch up. It was sooo much fun, but definitely not enough time with her :(
Mina and I outside Westminster Abbey

Kelly came in Thursday night from Siena, and we headed out with a bunch of my friends in the program. She stayed with me for the weekend, and it was so nice to have her with me. I've definitely been missing Blacksburg lately, so it was nice to have a piece of it here with me in London! On Friday we (Kelly, Katie, Gracie, Joe, Ben, Bo and I) headed out by the Thames, around Waterloo, at some good classic pub food, had some happy hour specials at a great bar on the water, and walked around St. Paul's Cathedral. That night we went to an 80's club we'd never been to before. Definitely a nice change in scenery from where we usually go. On Saturday Kelly, Gracie, Bo, Ben and I went to Borrough Market, where we had some of the best grilled cheese I've ever tasted, and cheesecake! Gracie and I took Kelly to see Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, and headed back so Kelly could see Singing in the Rain with some of her friends from Siena. 
Me with Bo, Kelly, Joe, Katie, Gracie and Ben on the Millenium Bridge across the River Thames

Overall, such a great weekend, jam packed with friends from home, sightseeing and phenomenal weather (at least 60 degrees each day). Couldn't have had a more beautiful weekend in London!
Kelly and I showing a little Alpha Delta Pi love next to Parliament

Ooooh! And if my hair looks shorter, it's because I got a haircut :)

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  1. daawww love this! i had the most amazing time all thanks to you!!